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Like any other country, Singapore too has it very own food festival. While it is not possible to equate food fest in Singapore to the more established and reputable ones in the United States and Europe, it does have its own set of unique followers. And whether you are a local or tourist in Singapore, you will certainly reap the benefit of the wonderful, tasty and rich food culture here.

The Singapore Food Festival is usually held annually in the month of June or July. People living in Singapore and tourists who are visiting will not only get a taste of the local food delights, but also be able to understand the rich treasures of Singapore’s culinary history. There will be a host of line up featuring culinary workshops, competitions, chef demonstrations, food tasting and even some chefs revealing their secret recipes. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the features of the local food festival in the past and its unique take this year.

Local Food Delights

It is also during these periods that people will get good feel factors of the Indian, Malay, Chinese and best of Asian delicacies. The rich heritage of these food cuisines will surface to give food lovers an understanding of the cuisine’s origin history. Since Singapore is a multi racial country of immigrant descendants, it is no wonder the mix and spread of the variety of local food will entice even the sceptics.

One of the main events held in conjunction with the Food Festival is usually food sampling of many mouth watering food delights. This event gives every food lover an opportunity to taste some of the best local delights. There will usually be countless eateries offering sumptuous samples of their signature dishes to tempt every palate. Each and every food dish is prepared to satisfy and offer a magical food experience for all food lovers.

The devotees of the fine culinary food festival will be amazed at the extent the Singapore Food Festival goes about wooing and alluring the food enthusiasts around the world. The Singapore Tourist Promotion Board seems to get this event right all the time. Apart from shopping, food is in every Singaporean blood. And the multi-racial culture here contributed greatly to the gourmet industry.

Singapore Food Festival 2020

Due to ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, the Singapore Food Festival 2020 has been postponed to August instead. This year, the festival launches its first virtual edition, to minimise crowds and keep in line with the government’s social distancing advisories. Some of the features of the virtual event include a wide array of free online cooking Masterclasses and specially curated dishes and product launches.

There are few world food festivals that can truly be classified as “sumptuous”, and the Singapore Food Festival is definitely one of them. All year round the clock, food festival are held relentlessly in every corner of the globe. Not surprisingly, food is one of the enjoyments in life. It creates no rifts, it holds no boundaries, and ultimately it brings people together – to taste and salivate on the best culinary food in the world – through all these food festivals.