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Singapore is a world renowned city state, with high standards of education, living, and medical treatment. Apart from that, Singapore also has many popular attractions for both the local citizens and tourists. So, even if you think you do not need an introduction to Singapore, you should just read on and be amazed by the interesting attractions it has to offer.

Jurong Bird Park 

Jurong Bird Park is a large aviary, with a total area of ​​202,000 square metres, located in  2 Jurong Hill. It houses a huge collection of more than 5,000 different birds from over 400 species that are divided into zones. The birds come from different regions such as Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. The bird park is able to provide a conducive environment for the birds by simulating the atmosphere according to the origin of each bird. Some of the shows you can watch here include the High Fliers Show, King of the Skies Show, and Lunch with Parrots.

Zoo Tour (Singapore Zoo)

The Singapore Zoo has an area of ​​over 28 hectares, and is located on Mandai Lake Road in the northern part of Singapore. It is an open zoo with wild animals, crawling animals, mammals, primates, reptiles and more. There are approximately 2,000 animals that have been left to live freely in nature like parts of the zoo. You can view animals from various parts of the world such as groups of orang utans from Borneo and Sumatra, polar bears and kangaroos from Australia, Pandas from China and much more. In addition, there are also cages for birds, cheetahs, tigers and all the reptiles that are divided into different portions of the zoo. Visitors can choose to walk along the enclosed trail and watch the animals or use the tram service.

Night Safari

Photo Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The Night Safari is a nocturnal zoo, located just beside the Singapore Zoo. The main feature of the Night Safari is the 40 minute tram safari ride that covers 6 geographical areas such as the rainforest of Southeast Asia, Savannah Of African countries, Nepal river valley, and the Burmese valley. There are over 1,000 animals from more than 100 species. You can also watch demonstrations of rare animals breeding such as tigers, Indian rhinos and anteater at the Animal Conservation and Conservation Centre.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is the first Universal theme park that opened in Southeast Asia. Located within Resorts World Sentosa, there are 24 types of rides in the park, with 18 uniquely designed rides. USS consists of eight theme zones including one that combines characters and locations from popular animated films. Some of these include characters from  DreamWorks Animation Madagascar and Shrek. The other interesting zones include Sci-fi City, Egypt Zone, New York Zone, Hollywood Boulevard zone and The Lost World Zone. The Lost World Zone simulates scenes from the movie Jurassic Park and there are also studio and live performances for most of the zones.

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is a huge observation wheel located at Marina Bay Street Circuit. It has 28 air conditioned capsules, with each able to accommodate 28 passengers.  You can board the wheel from the third floor of the Retail Terminal on the Singapore Flyer. Here, you can see the view from the highest point of the Singapore Flyer. The flyer stands up to 165 meters from the ground, and was once the tallest ferris wheel in the world, until the High Roller (167.6 metres) opened in Las Vegas in 2014.